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Unity Easy Roads Terrain Tool

Unity Easy Roads Terrain Editor

EasyRoads3D 2 Features

EasyRoads3D is a marker based road and river creation editor tool for Unity. Simply click on the terrain to layout the shape of your road or river. See below for the main EasyRoads3D features:

  • Unlimited marker points per road, succesfully tested with 500+ markers
  • Controls to level the terrain up to a distance of 100m sideways of the road. This allows you to adjust the terrain near the road exactly the way you want to
  • Road tilting for spectacular bends
  • A bridge system that will keep the terrain near bridge segments the same.
  • The option to close the road for race track simulation
  • Road geometry export/import
  • Customizable vegetation (trees etc.) clean up.
  • The shape of the road can be embedded in the terrain splatmap
  • Road splatmap export/import for editing/customization in a paint program
  • Unlimited roads per scene
  • Side Objects. Enhance your roads! the side object feature turns your roads into for example complete race track scenes. You can also use it to create other spline based shapes such as train rails. Click the V2 Preview button above for a demonstartion of this new Side Objects feature. demo movie
  • Road Segments. In version 1 the created road segment over the width was flat. In version 2 you can set the number of segments over the width of the road and manipulate the bumpyness of the road with a number of controls.
  • LOD Segments. performance can become an issue with highly detailed road geometry. With this new feature you can divide the roads into segments, create high poly and low poly versions and export these segments in seperate objects. This will simplify the creation of road LOD systems.
  • Dedicated River Tool. This tool works like the road tool but instead it creates river objects smoothly integrated with the terrain. demo movie
  • BONUS: Custom Objects. Use this tool to create procedural objects such as fences, hedges, walls etc. or invisible collider objects. This tool does not alter the terrain heights.demo movie



Roadmap for EasyRoads3D

First things on the list after the official release of version 2 are:

  1. Road intersections, crossroads, roundabouts
  2. The option to automatically create tunnels in areas where the road shape is below the terrain object. With the new side object feaure you will be able to create your own tunnel and start / end geometry.

For more information check www.unityterraintools.com